Methodology of the program


The ranking of the program is based on the results of a two-dimensional, neutral and objective survey carried out at the various hierarchical levels and covering a multitude of HR elements :

  • The HR assessment questionnaire consists of 154 questions divided into 6 sections: information about the company, HR practices, HR pratices, Personal growth, Engagement, Wellbeing and Leadership.
  • The Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey is composed of 36 questions divided into 8 sections: Employee Profile, HR Practices, Leadership, Compensation & benefits, Corporate Social Responsability, Employee engagement, Personal growth and Workplace


Number of employees surveyed


To ensure statistically valid results, the survey must be completed by a sufficient and representative number of employees.

First, we determine the number of full-time employees in the participating organization and the required response rate. The smaller the organization, the larger the sample size of the respondents. The larger the organization, the smaller the sample size of the respondents.

We encourage all companies to use the online survey process. Each employee will receive a unique Web-link via the submitted email to complete the survey. However, if online surveys will not work for your company, we offer a traditional paper based survey option.


Privacy Policy


The information exchanged is confidential and remains a concern for employees who are asked to objectively express their opinion about their employer. To this end, best efforts are made to avoid any perception of breach of confidentiality.

All employee data is submitted anonymously. Employees who respond to the online survey will receive an invitation from the Survey Administrator ( info@bestplacestoworkinme.org ) with a personal identification URL. This link, generated at random by the system, is unique to each respondent and can not be used to identify anyone. During the survey administration period, employees can access and resubmit their questionnaires.

Employees who respond to the paper survey will be assigned response envelopes. The organization will collect employee answers in sealed envelopes that will be analyzed in the same manner as the online surveys.


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